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Dear Readers, We have moved our blog to a new hosting site. Our new address is: midpackmoms.com. If you are a subscriber or follower, we are hoping you will automatically come with us. If that doesn’t happen, please take a few moments to re-subscribe. Also, look forward to a special mid-week post by Olivia Grech,

Getting fired up~Amy

I’ve been playing the peacemaker far too much lately. If you know me, you’ll know how funny this is. My Facebook profile photo is the Governor from the Walking Dead show (a warmonger who keeps jars of heads in his house.) I’m not ready to keep jars of heads in my house, but perhaps this

I’m Fifty ~ Chris

I turned fifty this year. I’ve received mail from AARP. A friend of mine recently said that fifty was the youth of old age. I’m not going to lie: I don’t like being clumped together with old people. My changing body and brain are in-my-face reminders that I’m not sewn together the way I used

In between~Amy

I have to take a minute to complain about schedules, though our over scheduling is a problem of my own making so I don’t know if you’ll feel much sympathy for me. Lately I’ve been having trouble balancing my schedule with that of my kids. I think this is because, as my kids get older,